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Vol 7, No 13 (2016): Entanglement, Gravity, Dark Energy & Cosmological Models The Derivation of the Fine Structure Constant Abstract
Klaus Paasch
Vol 7, No 2 (2016): Celebrating Einstein’s GW Prediction & Landmark LIGO Detection: Various Models of Gravitation The Diphoton Anomaly as Nonlinear Optics Effect Abstract
Ervin Goldfain
Vol 1, No 1 (2010): Let All Truth Seekers Be the Vessels to Carry Physics Research to New Heights The Double Rotation as Invariant of Motion in Quantum Mechanics Abstract   PDF
Dainis Zeps
Vol 11, No 2 (2020): More Progress in Topological Geometrodynamics The Dynamics of State Function Reductions as Quantum Measurement Cascades Abstract
Matti Pitkänen
Vol 7, No 5 (2016): Entanglement, Entropy, Gravitation & Fractional Field The Equivalence Principle & Metric Tensor of Lorentz-Invariant Gravitation Theory Abstract
Alexander G. Kyriakos
Vol 2, No 11 (2011): The Superluminal Puzzle of Neutrino & Other Issues of Modern Physics The Errors of Statistical Hypotheses and Scientific Theories Abstract
Stephen P. Smith
Vol 2, No 4 (2011): New Perspectives on Reality The Experiential Basis of Wave-Particle Duality and The Uncertainty Principle Abstract
Steven E. Kaufman
Vol 3, No 14 (2012): A Foundational Approach to Physics: Nilpotent Quantum Mechanics & Its Applications The Factor 2 in Fundamental Physics Abstract
Peter Rowlands
Vol 1, No 4 (2010): The Miracle of Existence according to Theoretical Physicist Matti Pitkänen: 30 years of independent research The Geometry of CP2 and its Relationship to Standard Model Abstract
Matti Pitkänen
Vol 3, No 10 (2012): Progress in Physics The Gravitational Field of an Accelerating Mass: Gravitational Waves Abstract
Antoine Acke
Vol 3, No 9 (2012): Great Triumph in 21st Century Particle Physics: The Discovery of a New Particle & the Aftermath The Higgs Boson Abstract
B. G. Sidharth
Vol 3, No 9 (2012): Great Triumph in 21st Century Particle Physics: The Discovery of a New Particle & the Aftermath The Higgs Boson and the Power of Consistency Abstract
Philip E. Gibbs
Vol 11, No 5 (2020): Recent Developments in Physics from the Perspective of TGD & ZEO The Implications of 0.5 MeV and 3.5 keV Monochromatic Lines for TGD Based Nuclear Model Abstract
Matti Pitkänen
Vol 11, No 3 (2020): Self-Organized Criticality, FTL in Prespacetime, & Detection of Graviton The Impossibility of Direct Detection of Big Bang Relic Neutrino Abstract
Victor Christianto, Florentin Smarandache
Vol 1, No 9 (2010): Focus Issue on Cosmology & Gravity (Part II) The Interrelationship of Spin and Scales Abstract
Ray B. Munroe, Jr.
Vol 12, No 3 (2021): Experimental Supersymmetry, Two-sidedness, Cosmological Model, & Intrinsic Time The Intrinsic Time of Alain Connes and Evolutive Properties in higher-d Algebras Abstract
Jonathan J. Dickau
Vol 9, No 2 (2018): Projects & Explorations of Relativity, Quantum Theory & Gravitation The Inverse Matrix & Eigenvalue Problem via the Leverrier-Faddeev Method Abstract
A. Domínguez-Pacheco, J. Lopez-Bonilla, S. Vidal-Beltrán
Vol 9, No 4 (2018): Cosmological Models & Alternative Physics The Lanczos Potential in Terms of the Weyl Tensor in Type-D Vacuum 4D Space Abstract
J. Lopez-Bonilla, R. López-Vázquez, S. Vidal-Beltrán
Vol 5, No 13 (2014): Unified Numbers & Various Cosmological Models The LRS Bianchi Type-I Strings with Strange Quark Matter coupled with Zero-Mass Scalar Field Abstract
R. Venkateswarlu
Vol 11, No 8 (2020): Summary & New Applications of Topological Geometrodynamics The Maintenance Problem of the Earth's Magnetic Field Abstract
Matti Pitkänen
Vol 5, No 8 (2014): Fractal Propagators, Quantum Reality, Cosmological Models & Gravitation The Mathematical Apparatus of Lorentz-Invariant Gravitation Theory Abstract
Alexander G. Kyriakos
Vol 5, No 9 (2014): Fractal Spacetime, Lorentz-Invariant Gravity & Cosmological Models The Mathematics of the Gravitational Problems of Lorentz-Invariant Gravitation Theory Abstract
Alexander G. Kyriakos
Vol 7, No 3 (2016): Petrov Classification, Cosmological Models & Alternative Gravitation The Mixmaster Universe with Variable Deceleration Parameter Abstract
R. K. Tiwari, B. K. Shukla
Vol 1, No 3 (2010): Other Possible Games in Town The Modern Analysis of the Problem of Multisecting an Angle Abstract
Temur Kalanov
Vol 10, No 3 (2019): Computation in Nature, Mandelbrot Cosmology, & Monopolar Electron The Monopolar Quantum Relativistic Electron: An Extension of the Standard Model & Quantum Field Theory (Part 2) Abstract
Anthony P. Bermanseder
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