Vol 8, No 2 (2017)

Gravitational Models, Bernoulli Numbers, Universe as a Guitar & Spacetime Topology

Cover Page
Quark Matter Cosmology; Complex Weyl Tensor; Bulk Viscous Cosmological Model; Anisotropic String in Gravitation; Ricci Dark Energy Model; Bianchi Type-I Model; 4-dimensional Tensor Identities; Domain Wall Cosmological Model; Differentiability of Riemann Function; Kellner’s Formula for Bernoulli Numbers; Identities for Faulhaber-Bernoulli Numbers; Variational Principle for py''+qy'+ry=ϕ; Worpitzky-Saalschütz Identities; Harmonic Numbers of Stirling Numbers; Special Timelike Curves; Model of the Universe as a Guitar; Generalised Maxwell's Equations; & Hidden Variables & Spacetime Topology.

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