Vol 8, No 1 (2017)

Kahler Action, Various Cosmological Models & Precession of Mercury’s Orbit

Cover Page
Extremals of Kahler Action; Lanczos Spintensor; Holographic Dark Energy Model; Bianchi Type-III Model; Embedding of R4 into E5; Two-Fluid Model; Model with Anisotropic Dark Energy; Magnetized Quark Attached to String; Scale Covariant Theory of Gravitation; Domain Wall Cosmological Model; Laguerre Associated Polynomials; Harmonic Numbers; Fejér-Lanczos Factors; Song’s Identity for ζ(2n); Laplace-Chebyshev-Hermite Polynomials; Emergent Gravity; Quantum View of Mercury’s Orbit; Light Speed Barrier; Occam's Razor; Hydrinos; & Relations Connected with Planck Scale.

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