Vol 7, No 8 (2016)

State-Dependent Gauge Field, New Properties of Dirac Equation & Exploration of E.M. Field

Cover Page
Quantum State Dependent Gauge Fields; Dirac Void & Pauli Exclusion Principle; Non-local Constitutive Relations; Aharonov–Bohm Effect under E.M. Self-duality; Vacuum Energy Λ(t) in Creation Field Theory; Five-Dimensional Bianchi Type-I Model; Petrov Types & Canonical Null Tetrads; Marder's Dark Energy Model; Cartan-Debever-Penrose Principal Directions; Recursive Formulation of Tau Method; Intrinsic Geometry of the NLS Equation; Laplace Transform & the Error Function; Variation of Parameters Method; GR as Multifractal Analogue of SM; Preponderance of Matter over Antimatter; Dirac Wavefunction as a 4 × 4 Component Function; & Estimating the Stability Range of Atomic Nuclides.

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