Vol 7, No 5 (2016)

Entanglement, Entropy, Gravitation & Fractional Field

Cover Page
Spacetime Structure & Entanglement Entropy; Fractional Field Theory & Physics of the Dark Sector; Metric Tensor of Lorentz-Invariant Gravitation Theory; Dirac Equation in 24 Irreducible Representations; Eigenvalue Problem for the Petrov & Ruse Matrices; Wünsch’s Vectors & Lanczos Potential; Kantowski-Sachs Holographic Cosmological Model; Bianchi Type -VI0 Cosmological Model; Number-phase Quantization; Energy Balance Method; New Focal Curves in Ribbon Frame; Inextensible Flows of Partially & Pseudo Null Curve; Entropic Gravity in Pre-spacetime; Extension of Quantum Electrodynamics to Fractal Media; Extension of Lehnert’s Screw-shaped Photon; Newtonian, Strong & Electromagnetic Gravitational Constants; & Cryogenic Origin & Nature of the Cosmos.

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