Vol 6, No 8 (2015)

Gravitational Models, TGD-related Progress & Topics in Mathematical Physics

Cover Page
Test Particle in the Gravitational Field of a Rotating Source; Progress in Topologcal Geometrodynamics (TGD); On Beta Stability Line and Binding Energy; Bianchi Type VIII Universe with Massless Scalar Field; Newman-Penrose Equations & Weyl-Lanczos Relations; Spin Coefficients Formalism; Bianchi Type-III Bulk Viscous String Model; Cosmological Models with Perfect Fluid & Dark Energy; A Summation due to Ramanujan and Its Generalization; On the Legendre Polynomials; Possible Navier-Stokes Cosmology on Cantor Sets; & On Some Expected Novel Results from the LHC.

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