Vol 5, No 8 (2014)

Fractal Propagators, Quantum Reality, Cosmological Models & Gravitation

Cover Page
Fractal Propagators & the Asymptotic Sectors of QFT; Physical Reality as a Creation of Consciousness (Part III); Math. Apparatus of Lorentz-Invariant Gravitation Theory; Bianchi Type-III with Negative Constant Deceleration in f(R, T); Bulk Viscous Models Coupled with a Scalar Field; Bulk Viscous Bianchi Universes Coupled with Zero-Mass Scalar Field; Bianchi Type I Models with Viscous Fluid & Decaying Vacuum Energy; Schwarzschild Radii of "Molar Proton & Electron Masses"; Galaxy Rotation Curves & Galactic Radial Distances in BH Cosmology; & Universe with Boundary & without Singularity.

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