Vol 3, No 7 (2012)

The Hunt for the Higgs Boson & the Final Prize

Cover Page
If There Is a Nobel Prize for the Higgs Boson, Who Will Get It? LHC Update: Another Week, Another Inverse Femtobarn, Higgs Combination Applet & 4th FQXi Essay Contest, Quantization Opens a Door to the System’s Proliferation, Quantum Adeles and Quantum Hilbert Spaces, Solutions of 5-D Bianchi Type-I Space-Time in f (R) Gravity, Kantowaski-Sachs Dark Energy Cosmological Model, Educational Horizons and the Frontiers of Science, Bayesian Statistics and SUSY, Review of Physics on the Fringe, & Maxwell's Theory of Gravity and Thermodynamics.

Editor: Huping Hu, Ph.D., J.D.; Editor-at-Large: Philip E. Gibbs, Ph.D.

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