Vol 2, No 12 (2011)

Higgs at 125 GeV? OPERA Anomaly, Nonlinear Theory & GR Solutions

Cover Page
OPERA Fail to Find Error in Faster Than Light Measurement, BSM CPV in LHCb at HCP11 and New Higgs Combinations Released, Seminar Watch (Higgs Special), Rumoured Higgs at 125 GeV and What Would a Higgs at 125 GeV Tell Us? Expected LHC Higgs Significance at 5/fb+5/fb and Where Does Higgs Fit Best? Higgsless Symmetry Breaking from Renormalization Group Theory, Nonlinear Theory: On Calculation of Elementary Particles’ Masses, The Non-linear Theory as String Theory of Compton Wavelength Scale, Four Articles on General Relativity Solutions, An Alternative to the Quantum Leap Paradigm, LHC Luminosity Predictions for 2012.

Editor: Huping HU, Ph.D., J.D.; Editor-at-Large: Philip E. Gibbs, Ph.D.

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