Vol 2, No 8 (2011)

The Lingering Hope for Higgs Boson

Cover Page

Higgs Hunting 2011, New Higgs Combos from ATLAS and CMS, Higgs excluded from 130 GeV to 480 GeV, The (t/z)-Type Plane Gravitational Waves…, Better Higgs Combo, New Unofficial Higgs Combo & Higgs Signal Plots, Did the Higgs Signal Fade? & the Best Higgs Plots Revealed, Accelerating and Decelerating Bianchi Type VI0 Cosmological Models…, Nonlinear Theory of Elementary Particles Part XIII…, Fractional Modified Special Relativity, Thick Domain Walls & Bulk Viscous Domain Walls in GR, Deconstructing Reality: Is Reality Really Real? & LHC Update: New Luminosity Milestone, Help CERN Search for the Higgs Boson & a Typical LHC Plot.

Editor: Huping Hu, Ph.D., J.D.; Editor-at-Large: Philip E. Gibbs, Ph.D.

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