Vol 13, No 3 (2022)

Spatial Flow, Scaling of Structure, Bifurcations, Evolutive Algebras, & Spacetime Nonlocality

Cover Page
Entropy & Viscosity of Spatial Flow; Scaling of Structure in the Universe; Bifurcations of the Standard Model; Decelerating Kasner Bianchi Type I Model; Bianchi Type-I Model in Saez-Ballester Theory; Non-Minimally Coupled f(R, T) Gravity; Bianchi Type-I Universe with Bulk Viscous Fluid; Isotropic Model In f(R, T) Gravity; Interacting Two Fluid Dark Energy Bianchi Type-I Model; Osculating Curves in 4D & Fractional Derivatives; Evolutive Algebras & Higgs Bifurcations; Multifractal Geometry & Spacetime Nonlocality.

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