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Entropic Gravity in Pre-spacetime & the ISS Theory of a Cosmic Information Field

John E. Brandenburg, Chris H. Hardy


In this article, we argue that gravity can be fundamentally tied to entropy as a spectrum of states, and that this co-dependence of gravity and an entropic state-space in the Standard Model universe (post Planck scale) makes it necessary that it be founded on a sub-Planckian set of states, or frequency spectrum, thus instantiating a sub-quantum pre-spacetime physics. This is in accordance with Hardy’s ISS theory that posits a data bank of frequencies set along the quarters of circles of a golden spiral developing from the point of origin and increasing with the logarithm of phi up to Planck frequency. These frequencies correspond to specific virtual particles called sygons, whose interferences at long wavelengths will create the Higgs field and that will morph into the particles of the Standard Model after crossing Higgs field.

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