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Four Possible Methods to Extend Lehnert’s Screw-shaped Photon

Victor Christianto, Yunita Umniyati


In a series of papers, Bo Lehnert has suggested screw-shaped model of photon, inspired by his revised quantum electrodynamics (RQED). In this paper, we will review 4 possible methods to extend the screw-shaped photon model. In the meantime, there is recent debate concerning theoretical basis and utilization of photon orbital angular momentum (OAM), in particular, as a means to increase wireless internet capacity. Promising results have been reported from laboratory experiments carried out by Bo Thide group and others too. But considering Vigier’s proposal to consider photon as soliton, we will discuss in this paper not the usual photon OAM as suggested by Thide group, instead, we will consider soliton orbital angular momentum. If the proposed concept holds true, then it is possible to develop soliton radio wave based on OAM.

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