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What if Familiar Properties Are Emergent?

Jonathan J. Dickau


We live in a local region that appears to have three dimensions of space and one of time, or 4-d spacetime.  But this may not be the case for the universe as a whole, because when we include what lies beyond the Hubble distance and what lies within individual subatomic particles, a wider range of possible and actual dimensionalities must be assumed.  If we consider the full range of dimensions however, it is seen there are specific maxima and minima, in terms of extent or compactness.  We also observe that certain mathematical properties we take for granted may in fact be emergent.  If we assume that associativity and commutativity are indeed emergent, this implies that interiority/exteriority and size/distance also emerge, which shapes the early evolution of the cosmos.  This paper discusses how these considerations impact Physics as a whole, and give us insights into the Cosmology of the early universe.

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