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The Project of the Quantum Relativity

Peter Leifer


The intrinsic unification of the quantum theory and relativity has been discussed here in the light of the last developments. Such development is possible only on the way of the serious deviation from traditional assumptions about a priori spacetime structure and the Yang-Mills generalization of the well known U(1) Abelian gauge symmetry of the classical electrodynamics. In fact, more general gauge theory should be constructed. Formally we deal with the quantum version of the gauge theory of the deformable bodies - the gauge theory of the deformable quantum state. More physically this means that the distance between quantum states is strictly defined value whereas the distance between bodies (particle) is an approximate value, at best. Thereby, all well known solid frames and clocks even with corrections of special relativity should be replaced by the flexible and anholonomic quantum setup. Then Yang-Mills arguments about the spacetime coordinate dependence of the gauge unitary rotations should be reversed on the dependence of the spacetime structure on the gauge transformations of the flexible quantum setup. One needs to build "inverse representation" of the unitary transformations by the intrinsic dynamical spacetime transformations. In order to achieve such generalization one needs the general footing for gauge fields and for "matter fields". Only fundamental pure quantum degrees of freedom like spin, charge, hyper-charges, etc., obey this requirement. One may assume that they correspond some fundamental quantum motions in the manifold of the unlocated quantum states (UQS's). Then "elementary particles" will be represented as a dynamical process keeping non-linear coherent superposition of these fundamental quantum motions.

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