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Simplified Form of the Semi-empirical Mass Formula

U. V. S. Seshavatharam, S. Lakshminarayana


We have developed a simple semi-empirical relation for understanding nuclear binding energy. The key ideas are: (1) Considering the ratio of nucleons mass difference to electron mass, we show that exp[mnmp]/me] ≅ 4π; (2) Close to the beta stability line, stable mass number As ≅ 2Z + (Z/4π)2; (3) Considering (1/4π)2 ≅ 0.006333 ≅ kas a characteristic number, close to the beta stability line and for Z ≥ 26 nuclear binding energy can be fitted with a single energy coefficient, 8.9 MeV assumed to be associated with strong and coulombic interactions. 

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