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Aether: The God of Physicists (Part III)

Laurent R. Duchesne


In this four-part article, I argue, as many others do, that the aether is the physical but non-material substance from which the universe came to exist. To exist, things must be in spacetime, but the aether is not in spacetime, it is before spacetime. It is, but does not exist as matter. It is all permeating and non-dimensional; it is inside and between particles; it is everywhere. Everything is made from it, even the space that surrounds us. It is indivisible, or it would not be the aether as it was defined thousands of years ago. Wholeness in space and time is what allowed Nature to evolve. Holistic awareness, or self-reference, emerges from an inward necessity which is satisfied as information is chosen from the context in which a system evolves. Human consciousness evolved from the same holistic awareness property all matter has shown to possess. Human consciousness is spacetime dependent, just like matter. No brain equals to no human consciousness.

Part III of this four-part article includes: 8. Holistic Awareness; 9. Consciousness; 10. Thought and Determinism; 11. Syntropy and Evolution; and 12. Being, Will, and Purpose.

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