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From Acoustic Analog of Space to Acoustic Sachs-Wolfe Theorem: A Model of the Universe as a Guitar

Victor Christianto, Florentin Smarandache, Yunita Umniyati


It has been known for long time that the cosmic sound wave was there since the early epoch of the Universe. Signatures of its existence are abundant. However, such an acoustic model of cosmology is rarely developed fully into a complete framework from the notion of space up to the sky. This paper may be the first attempt towards such a complete description of the Universe based on classical wave equation of sound. It is argued that one can arrive at a consistent description of space, elementary particles, Sachs-Wolfe acoustic theorem, starting from this simple classical wave equation of sound. We also discuss a plausible extension of Acoustic Sachs-Wolfe theorem based on its analogue with Klein-Gordon equation to a new equation. It is our hope that the new proposed equation can be verified with observation data. But we admit that our model is still in its infancy, more researches are needed to fill all the missing details.

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