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What Is New in TGD Inspired View about Phase Transitions?

Matti Pitkänen


The article tries to represent various TGD inspired visions about (quantum) phase transitions and (quantum) criticality in an organized manner and relate them to the more standard description of phase transitions. The new concepts are quantum theory as square root thermodynamics, Zero Energy Ontology (ZEO), and dark matter as phases with varying value of Planck constant heff = n x h labelling the fractal hierarchies of isomorphic sub-algebras of various super-conformal algebras generalizing those of standard physics, and the notion of magnetic body. The cautious proposal is that magnetic body as a controller and inducer of dynamics in living matter might be generalized. Even thermodynamical phase transitions might be induced by dark quantum phase transitions. Symmetries are central in the description of phase transitions and TGD suggests a slightly different interpretation for their role than standard physics based picture lacking the notion of magnetic body.

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