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The Motion of the Test Body in the Gravitation Field of a Moving Source in Lorentz-invariant Gravitation Theory

Alexander G. Kyriakos


As it is known, all testable predictions of general relativity (GR) made in the framework linearized GR, which in the form of electromagnetic (EM) theory is called gravitoelectromagnetic theory (GEM). In the present paper, we compare our proposed EM nonlinear theory of gravity, called conditionally "Lorentz-invariant gravitation theory of (“LIGT”)", with GEM. Since LIGT in the linear approximation can be written in the form of the classical Maxwell-Lorentz equations, it is shown that in this approximation LIGT is able to be an alternative to the linearized GR. It is pointed that, although the existence of quantum theory of gravitation is possible, the theory is useless in practice with such large mass-energy scale at which gravity can be measured. In addition, it is shown that under the latter conditions the quantum equation coincides with the classical equation.

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