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Two Background Unified Numbers & Their Possible Role

U. V. S. Seshavatharam, S. Lakshminarayana


In the earlier published papers the authors suggested that,Magnitude of the unified force can be assumed to be equal to the classical or astrophysical force limit (c4/G).  Strength of any interaction can be defined as the ratio of the operating force magnitude and the magnitude of (c4/G). If strength of the Schwarzschild interaction i.e. (gravitational interaction that is taking place at black holes) is assumed to be unity, then weak interaction strength seems to be ‘squared Avogadro number’ times less than the Schwarzschild interaction. The characteristic atomic force can be represented by (c4/NA2G)”. Thinking in this way, atomic gravitational constant can be expressed as GA=NA2G. With current atomic physical constants and with the assumed two new grand unified back ground numbers ~ 38.72479081 and y ~ 47.41543166 analytically - value of G can be fixed. So far there is no verifying procedure for the measured or estimated magnitude of G. With this kind of procedure, like other physical constants, value of G can be fixed and verified for 10 digits and its fitted magnitude is G ~ 6.674378868X10-11m3kg-1sec-2. With further research and analysis, the absolute magnitude of G can be fixed and uncertainty in its current recommended magnitude can be minimized with elementary physical constants.

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