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Premomentumenergy Model II: Genesis of Self-Referential Matrix Law & Mathematics of Ether

Huping Hu, Maoxin Wu


This work is a continuation of the premomentumenergy model described recently. Here we show how in this model premomentumenergy generates: (1) time, position, & intrinsic-proper-time relation from transcendental Law of One, (2) self-referential matrix law with time, position and intrinsic-proper-time relation as the determinant, (3) dual-universe Law of Zero, and (4) immanent Law of Conservation in the external/internal momentum-energy space which may be violated in certain processes. We further show how premomentum-energy generates, sustain and makes evolving elementary particles and composite particles incorporating the genesis of self-referential matrix law. In addition, we discuss the ontology and mathematics of ether in this model. Illustratively, in the beginning there was premomentumenergy by itself ei0 =1 materially empty and it began to imagine through primordial self-referential spin 1=ei0=ei0ei0=e+iL-iLe+iM-iM=e+iLe-iMe+iLe-iM=e+iLe+iM/e+iLe+iM …such that it created the self-referential matrix law, the external object to be observed and internal object as observed, separated them into external momentum-energy space and internal momeutm-energy space, caused them to interact through said matrix law and thus gave birth to the dual universe (quantum frame) comprised of the external momentum-energy space and the internal momentum-energy space which it has since sustained and made to evolve.

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