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The TGD Variant of the Widom-Larse Model for LENR

Matti Pitkänen


Widom and Larsen claim to predict correctly the various isotope ratios observed in LENR and accompanying nuclear transmutations. The ability to predict correctly the isotope ratios suggests that the model is on the right track. A further finding is that the predicted isotope ratios correspond to those appearing in Nature which suggests that LENR is perhaps more important than hot fusion in solar interior as far as nuclear abundances are considered. TGD leads to the same proposal and Lithium anomaly could be understood as one implication of LENR. The basic step of the reaction would rely on weak interactions: the proton of hydrogen atom would transform to neutron by capturing the electron and therefore would overcome the Coulomb barrier. This transformation is extremely slow unless the value of Planck constant is so large that weak bosons have Compton lengths of order atomic length scale.

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