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The Voids between Galaxy Clusters and the Chirality of Spiral Galaxies

Bernard R. Bligh


A study of the Sun's corona reveals that the velocities of electrons are substantially higher than the velocity of escape and the velocities of protons are well below the velocity of escape.  In a previous paper it was deduced that these circumstances cause hot stars, such as the Sun, to hold a net positive electric charge, otherwise hot stars would lose all their electrons.  This positive charge dominates the orbital velocities of stars in a galaxy.  It was also deduced that orbiting stars would create a magnetic field.  It follows that clockwise and anti-clockwise spiral galaxies would repel each other.  The Galaxy Zoo was applied to this study. It was predicted that opposite edges of voids between clusters would contain spiral galaxies of opposite chirality. This prediction is now verified. The success of this prediction provides a reason for challenging the dark matter theory.

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