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What Could p-adic Icosahedron Mean? And What about p-adic Manifold?

Matti Pitkänen


The original focus of this article was p-adic icosahedron. The discussion of attempt to define this notion however leads to the challenge of defining the concept of p-adic sphere, and more generally, that of p-adic manifold, and this problem soon became the main target of attention since it is one of the key challenges of also TGD. There exist two basic philosophies concerning the construction of both real and p-adic manifolds: algebraic and topological approach. Also in TGD these approaches have been competing: algebraic approach relates real and p-adic space-time points by identifying the common rationals. Finite pinary cutoff is however required to achieve continuity and has interpretation in terms of finite measurement resolution. Canonical identification maps p-adics to reals and vice versa in a continuous manner but is not consistent with p-adic analyticity nor field equations unless one poses a pinary cutoff. It seems that pinary cutoff reflecting the notion of finite measurement resolution is necessary in both approaches. This represents a new notion from the point of view of mathematics.

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