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View about Higgs from the Perspective of Recent Development in TGD

Matti Pitkänen


The existence of Higgs and its identification have been continual source of headache in TGD framework. The vision which looks most plausible at this moment is rather conservative in the sense that it assumes that standard description of massivation using Higgs in QFT framework is the only possible one: If TGD has QFT limit, Higgs provides a phenomenological parametrization of particle masses – mimicry for the microscopic description relying on p-adic thermodynamics.  The anomalies related to Higgs are however still there. A new explanatory piece in the puzzle is M89 hadron physics. The gamma ray background from the decays of M89 pions could explain the anomalous decay rate to gamma pairs and the problems related to the determination of Higgs mass. It could explain also  the  production of highly correlated  charged particle pairs observed first at RHIC for colliding heavy ions and two years ago at LHC for proton heavy-ion collisions as decay products of string like objects of M89 hadron physics,  the observations of Fermi  satellite,  and maybe even the latest Christmas rumour suggesting the existence of charge 2 states decaying to lepton pairs by  identifying them as  leptomeson formed from two color octet muons and produced ivia intermediate  parallel gluon pairs n the decay of M89 mesonic strings to ordinary hadrons and leptons.

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