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The (t/z) Type Plane wave Solutions of The Field Equations of Bonner and Schrodinger Non-Symmetric Unified Field Theory

Suresh W. Bhaware, D. D. Pawar, A. G. Deshmukh


In this paper we have obtained the (t/z)-type plane wave solutions of the field equations of Bonnor and Schrodinger's non-symmetric unified field theory. K. B. Lal and N. Ali[2] obtained the metric ds2 = -Adx2 – 2Ddxdy – Bdy2 – CZ2dz2 + Cdt2 from the Bondi[2] space-time by using certain transformations and solved the field equations of Einstein's unified field theory for (t/z)-type wave. We choose the above metric for the same (t/z)-type wave and on the lines of Lal & Ali[2],[3],[4] and Katore, Adhav & Rane[7] we have obtained the solutions of field equations. Here we have calculated entire components of all the essential entities like and the conclusions are written after a brief discussion.


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