The Physical (Outer) Universe & the Inner Universe

Dick W. Richardson


So, what is the physical universe? Well, it is all that stuff out there which is not me. What is the inner universe (and which is also big)?  Well, it is all the bits which I am constructed of and the dynamics and inner dimensions of these bits. But the two are joined up in space and time, but not in Eternity. Without Time then Eternity would be pointless. Eternity can exist without time, but time cannot exist without eternity. To isolate these dimensions is to alienate Man from what he is and the physical universe from what it is. Nowhere in the physical universe will you find its causation. Nor will you find me or consciousness. We are visitors here. But you cannot see us. A part of me is in this world and my body is my space-time ship, but I AM not from the earth nor time and space. ONLY that which is constructed before time and space can go back beyond time and space from whence it came in its own ground of being, where I AM. Religions are not ready for mystics. Is physics ready for them?  Some are.

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