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The TGD View of The Possible Role of Spin Glass Phase & p-adic Thermodynamics in Topological Quantum Computation

Matti Pitkänen


Topological quantum computation (TQC) or more generally, a TQC-like process (to be referred as TQC), is one possible application of TGD. The latest article summarizes the recent number theoretic view about TQC in TGD inspired biology. There are several new physics elements involved. Mention only the notion of many-sheeted space-time involving the notions of electric and magnetic body; the new view about quantum theory relying on the $M^8-H$ duality relating number theoretic and geometric views about physics and predicting the hierarchy of effective Planck constants assignable to a hierarchy of extensions of rationals; cognitive representations as unique discretization of space-time surface realizing generalized quantum computationalism; and zero energy ontology (ZEO) suggesting a new vision about quantum error correction. Quantum gravitation plays a key role in the proposal.

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