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The Utility of Vacuum Energy: Toward the Prototyping of Directed Energy Beam (DEB) Technologies

Richard L. Amoroso, Sabah E. Karam


The Standard Models (SM) of particle physics and cosmology have been shown to be incomplete, suggesting that quantum mechanics can no longer be considered the basement of reality. Noted physicists such as Michio Kaku claim, more than four dimensions are required to contain all of physics’. Until now, the Uncertainty Principle has thwarted access to observation and technological innovation utilizing higher dimensional nonlocal phenomena such as vacuum energy. In this highly theoretical introduction, we outline putative requirements for an innovative form of Directed Energy Beam (DEB) technologies beyond the confines of the Standard Model. Two seemingly disparate examples are contrasted - Static Field Matter-Wave Defense Shields, and Phased-Array Pulsed Directed Energy Beam Weapons (DEW). These new technologies are based on unique M-theoretic Unified Field Mechanical (UFM) modelling. During the previous paradigm shift, over 100 years ago, Einstein stated his relativity theories affected the whole panoply of physics. The imminent shift to a 12D M-theoretic Einstein-like UFM, will likely pale all prior advancement in the history of science.

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