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Three Alternative Generalizations of Nottale's Hypothesis in the TGD framework

Matti Pitkänen


Nottale's gravitational Planck constant ħgr = GMm/v0 contains the velocity parameter v0 as the only parameter. In the perturbative expansion of the scattering amplitudes β0 = v0/c appears in the role of fine structure constant. There is however a problem:

The model for the effects of ELF radiation on vertebrate brain inspired by a generalization of Nottale's hypothesis by replacing the total mass M in the case of Earth by MD ≃ 10-4ME suggests that in this case the dark particles involved couple only to a part of mass identifiable as dark mass MD.

Since only GM appears in the basic formulas, the alternative option is that the value of G is reduced to GD. This conforms with the fact that in the TGD framework CP2 length is the fundamental parameter G is a prediction of the theory and therefore can vary.

A further option is that the parameter β0 = v0/c < 1 is variable and equals to β0 = 1 or to a value not much smaller than 1, say β0 =1/2.

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