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Time Reversal and the Anomalies of Rotating Magnetic Systems

Matti Pitkänen


Free energy phenomena can be defined as phenomena exhibiting thermo-dynamical anomalies such as generation of gradients rather than their disappearance. Concentration gradients can develop, electric fields as potential gradients can emerge due to generation of charge separations, and temperature gradients can be created. The failure of the second law in its standard form also manifests itself as over-unity energy production, cooling of the environment, and generation of structures rather than their decay characterizing self-organization. The general explanation of these phenomena would rely on the change of the arrow of time in ordinary ("big") state function reduction (BSFR) reversing the arrow of time in the quantum measurement theory based on zero energy ontology (ZEO). This implies a new view about self-organization and also an explanation for self-organized (quantum) criticality. BSFR would take place at the level of the magnetic body (MB) carrying dark matter as heff = nh0 phases and controlling ordinary matter, and BSFR would be macroscopic for large values of heff. In this article the anomalies in rotating magnetic systems (RMSs) discovered by Russian researchers Godin and Roschin are discussed as a particular free energy phenomenon. The time evolution of a rotating magnetic system (RMS) could be seen as an emergence of a very simple life form receiving and storing metabolic energy from the motor driving the RMS, and liberating it at the moment of "death" as dark photons transformed to ordinary photons, whose counterparts in ordinary living matter are biophotons.

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