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A ‘Retrocausal Attractor’ Model of Visualization & Psychic Healing: Hyperdimensional Pilot Waves?

Chris H. Hardy


This article argues that psi demonstrates the nonlocal hyperdimensional dynamics of our Self, operating via the tachyonic syg-energy (postulated by the Infinite Spiral Staircase Theory, ISST), and it gives a specific model for visualization and its application in healing or bio-PK – both implying mind-over-matter and an influence on future events. The Retrocausal Attractor blends quantum retrocausality and Chaos Theory’s attractor dynamics to show how visualized (projected) ideas/images have an organizing impact through a feedback loop between the (future) events-in-making/situations – accessed via the beyond-spacetime hyperdimension (HD)  – and the operator’s mind. Moreover, the Retrocausal Attractor’s feedback loop, between one’s HD Self and one’s embodied mind, is a basic dynamics of thought and reflection, which sets a hyperdimensional correction mechanism built-in the mind that allows us to have awareness and ethical conscience. Syg-energy (that drives psi) consists in HD and faster-than-light (FTL) sygons waves; it works according to HD semantic parameters, such as semantic proximity and intensity, which are driven by attraction, resonance and harmony, and defy both C and locality – along a Law of harmonic syg-attraction. Finally, I’ll tackle how the hyperdimension may interact with Quantum-Spacetime (QST) to effect the (healing) reorganization of complex (bio)systems, invoking the hypothesis that Bohm’s Quantum Potential (and thus Pilot Waves) could be a hyperdimensional term or rather wave.

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