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26 Second Pulsation of Earth: Is It Analog for 8th Period Doubling of EEG Alpha Rhythm?

Matti Pitkänen


The pulsations of Earth - kind of mini earthquakes - occurring with a period of 26 s represent a mysterious phenomenon. In TGD framework the interpretation would rely on the notions of magnetic body (MB) controlling ordinary matter, and dark matter as phases of ordinary matter labelled by ħeff = nh0 and giving rise to quantum coherence at MBs in all scales. The strange findings about earthquakes suggest that they correspond to macroscopic quantum jumps ("big" state function reductions (BSRs)) changing the arrow of time. Also classically the earthquake corresponds to a discontinuous process in which tectonic plates slide with respect to each other so that the identification as a macroscopic BSFR is natural in TGD framework.  Could the periodic mini earthquakes correspond to a sequence of BSFRs? Deep ocean waves hitting the shore should somehow induce this periodic microseism as a sliding of the tectonic plates with respect to each other. If there is a lattice like structure of incompressible cylindrical plates, the compression by sea waves arriving at shore induces a volume preserving vertical stretching of these cylinders inducing the detected Rayleigh wave. Cyclotron periods of ions at MB are quantized and 26s could be understood as a resonance period for the coupling between the tectonic dynamics and that of MB. The problem is that the periods associated with the deep ocean waves are below 20s so that  a linear coupling preserving frequency does not allow understanding of the 26s period. However, non-linear coupling allows period doubling at the limit of chaos. Could 26s period be seen as 8:th period doubling of  T = 0.1s which corresponds to alpha rhythm in EEG and fundamental biorhythm, the secondary p-adic time scale of electron, and the cyclotron frequency of iron ion in the endogenous magnetic field BEnd = (2/5)BE identified as monopole flux part of Earth's magnetic field BE and playing a key role in TGD inspired quantum biology?

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