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On Constacyclic Codes over F_p+v_1 F_p+v_2 F_p+v_3 F_p+v_4 F_p+v_1 v_2 F_p

Abdullah Dertli, Abdallah K. A. Balaha


We study the structure of ω-constacyclic codes over the ring R =  Fp+v1Fp+v2Fp+v3Fp+v4Fp+v1 v2 F. A Gray map is introduced and it is shown that the image of ω-constacyclic codes of length n  are (1,2,2,2,2,4) multi-twisted codes of length 6n. The generators of such constacyclic codes for an arbitrary length are determined and their dual codes are also discussed. Finally some examples are given.

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