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Quantum Coherence, Telepathic Fields, Time-travel & the Texture of Hyperdimension

Chris H. Hardy


The hyperdimensional Infinite Spiral Staircase Theory (“ISST theory”) rests on two basic premises. The first one posits a hyperdimension layer in all matter and biomatter systems, from particles to galaxies. The second predicates that, since the hyperdimension is triune, the sub-Planckian and superluminous energy that organizes it is in essence linked to consciousness. ISST theory postulates that all psi phenomena as well as altered states of consciousness instantiate the dynamics of the hyperdimensional syg-energy. Namely, they are driven by attraction, resonance and harmony, and defy locality. This essay trys to tackle the strangest dynamics of heightened consciousness, a type of mind coherence shown in telepathic-harmonic fields, in which a group experiences a shared mind-state, and compare them with the remarkable quantum coherence in Bose–Einstein condensates (“BCEs”) as well as the resonances and scale-invariance found in natural systems. These dynamics are essentially linked to a higher and more harmonic organizational order, based on wave resonance, whether the atoms’ waves all getting in phase and sharing the same quantum state as in BECs, or the periodic and logarithmic recurrence of the frequency of proton at higher scales. The author argues that they instantiate the workings of the enmeshed Rhythm-hyperdimension (hypertime) and Center-hyperdimension (hyperspace). Further, the author will explore a hypothetic texture of the hyperdimension as both layered and honeycombed.

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