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The Dynamics of State Function Reductions as Quantum Measurement Cascades

Matti Pitkänen


Adelic physics, M8-H duality, and zero energy ontology lead (ZEO) to a proposal that the dynamics involved with "small" state function reductions (SSFRs) as counterparts of weak measurements could be basically number theoretical dynamics with SSFRs identified as reduction cascades leading to completely un-entangled state in the space of wave functions in Galois group of extension of rationals identifiable as wave functions in the space of cognitive representations. As a side product a prime factorization of the order of Galois group is obtained. The result looks even more fascinating if the cognitive dynamics is a representation for the dynamics in real degrees of freedom in finite resolution characterized by the extension of rationals. If cognitive representations represent reality approximately, this indeed looks very natural and would provide an analog for adele formula expressing the norm of a rational as the inverse of the product of is p-adic norms. The results can be appplied to the TGD inspired model of genetic code.

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