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The Impossibility of Direct Detection of Big Bang Relic Neutrino

Victor Christianto, Florentin Smarandache


The existence of big bang relic neutrinos is a basic prediction of standard cosmology. It predicts the existence of 1087 neutrinos per flavour in the visible universe. This is an enormous abundance unrivalled by any other known form of matter except cosmic microwave background (“CMB”) photons. However, unlike the CMB photons which were detected in the 1960s, the relic neutrino continue to evade direct detection due to weak interaction of neutrinos. In this paper, we argue that direct detection of relic neutrinos is impossible because of two chief reasons: (a) There was no such thing as cosmic singularity, hence the hot big bang/primeval atom model might be based on false premises; and (b) The existence of neutrino may be questionable.

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