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Faster-Than-Light Anomalies in Prespacetime & Interstellar Translocation through Hyperdimension

Chris H. Hardy


This article argues that the speed of light limit C is a law applying solely to the matter and spacetime region. The infinite spiral staircase theory (“ISST”) posits that prespacetime is a triune hyperdimension in which the spacetime and EM laws do not apply, because mass, space, and time are not existing yet. Yet the universe at Planck scale has an astounding non-matter energy, and the inflation and the entanglement have been demonstrated to be superluminal and/or nonlocal. Similarly, research data shows psi to be nonlocal and contradicting spacetime laws. ISST postulates that the energy filling the hyperdimension, called syg-energy and driven by tachyonic sygons, is linked to cosmic consciousness (or syg-HD), itself enmeshed with hyperspace and hypertime, and that psi and synchronicities are hyperdimensional processes. A thought-experiment is proposed that could instantiate a translocation of either information or a matter system.

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