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Physical Time Is Run of Clocks in Timeless Space

Amrit S. Sorli


Recent neurological research shows that psychological time “past-present-future” is a result of neuronal dynamics of the brain. Through the psychological time we experience motion in the universe. Puzzle with time in physics is that in the universe we can perceive only motion and not time. Here is proposed that physical time t is run of clocks. Fourth coordinate X4=c*i*t is spatial too. X4 is composed out of imaginary number i, light speed c and number t that is indicating “thick” of clocks in space. Precisely time t is not fourth dimension of the space, time t is a third component of the fourth dimension of space. Fourth dimension is not temporal, forth dimension is spatial too. Clocks run in space only and not in time. There is no physical time behind run of clocks. Clock/time is a measuring system for physical events in space that is timeless.

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