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The Quantum Relativity & Dynamical Spacetime

Peter Leifer


Quantum feld theory (QFT) based on the principles of special relativity (SR) and it is in fact the kinematic theory of felds. The root assumption is that there is "relativistic description" of any isolated quantum system in the so-called class of inertial systems even if the internal interactions or self-interactions lie outside of the formal QFT itself. In such a situation we cannot be sure that the principle of relativity in the present form is universally applicable since this principle arose from the Maxwell electrodynamics. As we know Einstein was insisted to generalize this principle in the attempt to and the relativistic description of gravity. Together with this the Galileo-Newton principle of inertia was modified with essential reservations [4, 11, 10, 9, 8]. New kind of sub-atomic interactions have definitely more complicated nature and mostly unknown laws. It is clear that the present QFT (kinematic theory of fields) may serve merely as a limit of some dynamical theory of quantum fields.

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