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On the Darboux Rotation Axis of a Space-like Curve via the Type-2 Bishop Frame

Suha Yilmaz, Yasin Unluturk


In this study, we examine Darboux vector and Darboux helix of a spacelike curve via the type-2 Bishop frame which we introduced in [26] in Minkowski 3-space E3 1: We characterize Darboux helices in terms of the invariants of the Bishop frame of type-2. Moreover, we introduce the spherical indicatrices of a spacelike curve due to the Bishop frame of type-2. We obtain Frenet-Serret apparatus of the Bishop spherical indicatrices in terms of base curves the new Bishop invariants. Moreover, we dene the curve of constant precession according to the new Bishop frame. Finally, we give two examples of main results.

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