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Spatially Homogeneous Anisotropic Stiff Fluid Cosmological Model with Incident Magnetic Field and Time Dependent Cosmological Term

Raj Bali, Keshav Sharma, Swati Khandelwal


Spatially homogeneous anisotropic stiff fluid cosmological model with incident magnetic field and time varying cosmological term, is investigated. To get the deterministic model of the universe, we have also assumed the condition A = BC between metric potentials and Λ ~ α/R2  where R is average scale factor and a is a constant. The vacuum energy density (L) decreases with time and in special case, it leads to the result as obtained by Beesham. In general, the model represents anisotropic phase of universe but for large of time, the model isotropizes. The deceleration parameter (q) < 0 indicates that the model represents accelerating phase of universe. It has also been shown that magnetic field is linked with matter. The other physical results are also discussed.

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